Monday, July 25, 2011

A New Day

Well, it has been a minute since I have visited with you.  One reason is that my computer downloaded its last now I have a new computer!  Yaay! 
We had a great day yesterday shooting another episode of  the "Living Green with Dr. Shea" show. 
This episode features comedian extraordinaire Cory "Zooman" Miller making raw apple pie in his Zoobama persona while being guided by Tassili Maat, raw foodologist and owner of Tassili's Raw Reality, a prime raw food restaurant in the West End District of Atlanta.
The raw apple pie turned out amazingly delicious through the laughter and the love!  Both guests present  in rare form! 
The second episode also features the hilariously intellectual viewpoint of "Zooman" highlighted by Jamela Franklin,  a holistic health practitioner, aromatherapists and creator of the famous "Peace Be Still" therapeutic essential oil blend. You have to lean into this episode to stay on the ride! 
Join the fun while being informed on the topics necessary to insure a wide range of knowledge on how to live a natural healthier green lifestyle!
Check out our mini intro on (key words Living Green with Dr. Shea)!

Much Love, Bliss and Blessings,
Dr. Shea

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